Our Favorites

In this collection, we’ve gathered up some of our best Crayola products for you to easily browse through as a one-stop-shop. From our classic crayon and chalk boxes to our premium adult-friendly Color Escape kits, we’ve got something for every age here! For something new and fun, be sure to check out our award-winning Air Marker Sprayer for kids. It’s the perfect choice for introducing your child to the art form of airbrushing and spray art. While they’re busy with that, mom and dad can revisit their own childhoods with our new Chalkboard Effects Color Escape kit. To complement our adult art kits, check out our premium set of colored pencils, which include a whopping 72 different colors. Whichever Crayola products you choose, they’re sure to provide hours of imaginative self-expression and inspiration. With art-tastic Crayola supplies and kits, rainy days are something the whole family can look forward to spending together!