Some of the best art projects require a pair of trusty scissors and some glue. At Crayola, we’ve designed these items for every age, with safety always first in mind. For the youngest kids, check out our My First Crayola Safety Scissors, designed for preschoolers just learning how to cut paper for arts and crafts. Best yet, they only cut paper, so clothes, skin and hair are all safe! For older kids, we offer blunt tip and pointed tip scissors, both made with our comfort grip. For your little artist’s glue needs, we offer several non-toxic, washable options. You’ll love how our glue stick comes out blue ‒ making it easy to tell where it’s been applied – and then dries to a clear, neat finish. For extra pizazz, consider our glitter glue, available in a bright assortment of colors. With kids’ scissors, craft and school glue from Crayola, arts and craft time is not only fun, but also safe!