Let’s face it – kids’ art projects can get messy. At Crayola, we celebrate the splatter of a paint brush, and the juicy, colorful marks (and sometimes smells!) produced by a fresh marker. But some artistic moments call for a neater solution. Especially if your carpet or couch is at risk of becoming the canvas! What if there was a “wonder” solution that allowed kids to be creative, yet prevented the mess? The Crayola Color Wonder line of books, paper, markers, paints, and stamps is the perfect mess-free solution for busy households! These specialty art supplies are invisible. They only turn colors when applied to our special Color Wonder paper. They won’t make marks on skin or furniture. Consider your walls, clothing, and carpet safe from stray paint splatters of excitable young Jackson Pollocks. Explore our collection of signature Color Wonder items, including On the Go packs and refillable products that make managing your household a little bit easier.