These days, it is a struggle to limit little ones’ screen time and afternoons spent indoors. Crayola understands the importance of encouraging children to get outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air! Our collection of outdoor play toys and activities make it easier than ever to get kids to put down those screens and head outside. You’ll be amazed at how kids and toddlers will take to these fun outdoor toys. Prepare for carefree hours spent creating masterpieces on the sidewalk with Crayola Chalk or Washable Sidewalk Paint. And parents ‒ this isn’t just the simple chalk of your youth! We have glitter, neon, and even 3D chalk to keep your kids excited about their unique outdoor designs. We also have an updated version of the classic bottle of bubbles with a twist: ours are colored! Don’t worry, there’s no staining. Whether it’s a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk, or a spray paint mural at your neighborhood block-party, Crayola offers the perfect outside activities for endless fun and outdoor play!