At Crayola we pride ourselves on developing products that are loved and trusted by moms and dads and kids of all ages. But we never want to forget you, the hardworking teachers and educators who make going back to school so special for kids. We’re dedicated to making your new school year memorable and, yes, easier! That’s why we make it super simple for teachers to get all the supplies they need for their class. Crayola Classpack assortments come in a variety of configurations. There are classpacks for crayons, markers and even Model Magic. Each classpack assortment includes enough of each item for all the kids in your class. Or you can purchase cases of our most popular 24-count crayon packs, so each of your students can have their own personal crayon collection for the school year. There’s even a Deluxe Back to School Teacher kit, complete dry erase markers for you whiteboard and a variety of classroom essentials.