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Colors of the World Classpack, Skin Tone Colored Pencils, 240 Count, 24 Colors

Item Number: 687505A000


Step into a world of vibrant possibilities and celebrate the beauty of diversity with the Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone Colored Pencils Classpack (240ct)! This incredible collection of bulk colored pencils is designed to represent the rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities found all around us. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the incredible range of skin tone shades, each carefully selected to reflect the diverse colors of the world. From warm caramel tones to deep mahogany hues, these pencils are the perfect tool to bring your artwork to life and create stunning portraits that capture the essence of every individual. But these pencils aren't just about creating beautiful pictures—they're about sparking conversations and celebrating inclusivity. Encourage young artists to embrace diversity and showcase the beauty of different skin tones through their artistic creations. With the smooth, blendable colors these pencils offer, they can experiment, layer, and blend to create truly unique and captivating pieces of art. With the Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone Colored Pencils Classpack, the possibilities are infinite. Whether you're a teacher looking to inspire a classroom full of young artists or a parent fostering creativity at home, this versatile set is perfect for art projects, school assignments, and beyond. Each pencil is made with an unwavering commitment to safety, so you can have peace of mind as your child explores their artistic talents. Embrace the power of diversity and let your imagination soar with the Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone Colored Pencils Classpack!

  • Recommended
    for ages 5 years and up


COLORS OF THE WORLD CLASSPACK: The Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone Colored Pencils Classpack is the perfect bulk colored pencil set for teachers, featuring 10 sets of 24 skin tone colored pencils and 8 pencil sharpeners.

CELEBRATE DIVERSITY: With these skin tone colored pencils, students can explore and embrace the beauty of different cultures and ethnicities while creating their artwork.

VERSATILE CRAFT & SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Ideal for art projects, portraits, and learning activities, these skin tone colored pencils are a valuable addition to any classroom art supply collection.

VIBRANT AND SMOOTH: Each pencil delivers rich, vibrant colors that blend smoothly for stunning results.

DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: Made with quality materials, these colored pencils are designed to withstand heavy use, ensuring they last throughout the school year and beyond.

ORGANIZED STORAGE: The classpack comes in a sturdy storage box, making it effortless for teachers to keep the colored pencils neatly organized.

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