For kids of any age going back to school is filled with wonder and excitement. For kids going to school for the first time it’s also a memory parents will cherish for the rest of their lives. At Crayola we want to make sure that your child’s special day—and yours—is filled with precious, happy moments! To that end, we want to make sure that back-to-school shopping is effortless and fun for parents and kids alike. Below is a fine array of Crayola products for your preschool-aged child. You’ll find many items in our My First Crayola line like triangular Easy-Grip Crayons, which fit your little preschooler’s hand and won’t roll off of desks or tables. There are large activity pads kids can color on the floor and large washable markers. There’s even a complete My First Crayola Back to School Readiness Kit which includes everything your child needs to start off the school year.