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Sidewalk Chalk Super Stencils, Magical Creatures

Item Number: 0310010000


Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Super Stencils let kids have BIG fun creating perfect chalk drawings of colorful characters--Unicorn, Mermaid and Flying Dragon -- on common outdoor surfaces. Each stencil is perforated so kids can trace a perfect dotted outline on a blacktop or sidewalk and then color it in! Each stencil in this set lets kids create an easy connect-the-dots pattern featuring a magical theme. Super Stencils are durable, reusable and wash clean with a quick rinse. The included Crayola Sidewalk Chalk is durablle and washable too, and can be rinsed off sidewalks and driveways with a garden hose—or just wait for the next rainy day! This outdoor art kit for kids includes 3 Large Stencils (20” x 30”) and 4 sticks of Crayola Sidewalk Chalk. Safe and non-toxic, ideal for kids, ages 4 and up.

  • Recommended
    for ages 4 years and up
  • CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


CRAYOLA OUTDOOR STENCILS: This outdoor art kit for kids includes 3 BIG Stencils (20” x 30”) with printed lines to help kids easily trace, and 4ct Crayola Chalk. The magical stencils featured are a Unicorn, Mermaid, and Flying Dragon.

CHALK STENCIL ART MADE EASY: Create perfect pictures to color outside using the durable Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Super Stencils and Crayola washable Sidewalk Chalk intended for repeat use. Kids can connect the dots to make masterpieces that really stand out.

DECORATE YOUR SIDEWALK WITH EYE-CATCHING CREATURES: The large stencils in this set all feature a magical theme, helping kids get more creative with their sidewalk chalk creations in an easy connect-the-dots pattern.

WASHABLE, WATER-RESISTANT STENCILS MAKE CLEAN UP A SNAP: Kids can keep drawing with sidewalk chalk stencils that wash clean in seconds for quick storage. Washable sidewalk chalk can be hosed off sidewalks and driveways in minutes.

SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Ideal for kids, ages 4 and up.

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