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Arts & Crafts Brushes, 5 Count

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Item Number: 0535060006


Set of 5 brushes, perfect for school, crafts, and hobbies!

  • Recommended
    for ages 3 years and up


BRUSHES FOR ANY ART PROJECT: This set of 5 paintbrushes is all you need to paint a variety of strokes. From wide brush strokes to small detail work, these brushes with color-coded handles have you covered.

SOFT TIPS: The quality soft-tip bristles on these brushes clean easily, so they'll last a long time. Use them over and over again and they will still feel as good as new.

A PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR ART KIT: Small in size, these brushes are perfect for your child’s art kit or pencil-box. Never be caught without your brushes again.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: 5 Crayola Arts and Craft Brushes with various brush shapes.

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