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Crayola Modeling Clay, 4 Primary Colors

Item Number: 5703001007


Unleash a colorful oasis of creativity with Crayola Modeling Clay, your go-to companion for sculpting fun! This pack boasts a 1/4 pound selection of clay that includes four classic Crayola Colors - Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Ignite the thrill of artistry with the non-drying, reusable, and ever-flexible design of Crayola Modeling Clay, ready to be reshaped and reimagined alongside each blossoming idea. If you're looking for inspiration for future crafts, the included creativity guide provides an array of creative ideas for classroom or home projects. Crayola Modeling Clay is safe and nontoxic, making it the ideal choice for young Picassos ages 4 and up. Get ready to sculpt and create with Crayola!

  • Recommended
    for ages 4 years and up


CRAYOLA CLAY FOR KIDS: This set includes a 1/4 pound selection of Crayola Modeling Clay in four primary colors - Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

CLAY CRAFTS & PROJECTS: Explore an array of arts & crafts with the included handy creativity guide, great for classroom and at home art projects.

NON-DRYING CLAY: Crayola Modeling Clay is a user-friendly and reusable sculpting material that remains pliable and won't dry out.

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Crayola Modeling Clay is safe and nontoxic, make it a great arts & crafts tool for kids ages 4 and up.

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