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Window Crayons

Item Number: 5297650000


Cast a colorful reflection! Holidays, special occasions, school events or anytime you feel creative! Crayola Window Crayons turn your windows into instant decorations. These bright, bold colors go on smoothly and dry quickly without smudging. And Window Crayons easily wash off all glass surfaces. Great for car windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces, too! Pack includes 5 washable Window Crayons.


WINDOW CRAYONS: Features 5 Washable Crayons for use on any glass surface, plus mylar, frames, mirrors, and more!

CRAYOLA COLORS: Each Window Crayon contains vibrant, bold color to make your designs pop!

WINDOW ART: Great art tools for holiday and seasonal window decorating.

CAR WINDOW WRITING: Perfect for adding personalized doodles or messages to car windows. Keep in mind, this product may stain clothing and other household surfaces.

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