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Signature Blending Markers with Tin, 16 Count

Item Number: 5865020001

How to Blending Techniques:

    Beginner Blending (Video Instruction Above):

  1. Pick 2 similar colors.
  2. Color back and forth with the darker color to create a few consecutive lines.
  3. Below your first set of lines, color back and forth with the lighter color, overlapping 2 or 3 lines with the first color.
  4. Switch back and forth between the two colors about three times for full effect.

    Advanced Blending:

  1. Challenge yourself to work with all 14 colors in this set, and improve your transitions by blending opposing colors with each other.



Signature Blending Markers provide great creative versatility in coloring and art projects. Sketch, draw, add texture, and blend colors for unique outcomes. A great art technique for taking your adult coloring to the next level! Includes 14 Crayola Blending Markers in brilliant colors (7 colors in light and dark variations) and 2 Colorless Blending Marker; all organized in a decorative Storage Tin.

  • Recommended
    for ages 9 years and up


BLENDING MARKERS & DECORATIVE TIN: Features 14 Vibrant Color Markers, 2 Colorless Markers for blending, and a Marker Storage Case.

COLORLESS BLENDING MARKERS: The secret to blending colors with ease are the 2 Colorless Markers included. Check out our Pro Tip section to learn more.

ORGANIZED STORAGE: The decorative Storage Case keeps supplies organized for travel and everyday easy access.

SAFE & NONTOXIC: Great gift for kids and adults, ages 9 & up.

COLORFUL GIFT: The beautiful case with unique blending tools inside, make this a great gift for moms, crafters, and everyday creatives.


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