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Portfolio Series Water Soluble Oil Pastels, 24 count

Item Number: 5236241000


Crayola Portfolio Series Water Soluble Oil Pastels offer a variety of unique and flexible features. Great for wet or dry work; blend the 24 assorted colors dry or add water for beautiful watercolor effects. You can use a wet brush to blend these bright, vivid colors into true secondary colors. Plus, the cylindrical shape and tapered point of the pastel crayons allow for easy handling and detailed drawing. This 24 count set makes a wonderful gift set for artists getting into oil pastels for the first time.


CRAYOLA OIL PASTELS: This 24 count set of Portfolio Series Oil Pastels is fun for artists of every skill level.

WET OR DRY: Water soluble means these pastels double as watercolor pastels, allowing for easy color blending with a wet paintbrush.

VERSATILE OIL PASTELS:Crayola Portfolio Series Oil Pastels have rich color and a creamy laydown. Colors are easy to blend & pointed tips allow for detailed drawings.

GIFT FOR ARTISTS: A great gift for artists, this pack includes primary and secondary shades as well as neutral tones. Use colors individually or blend together to create unique shades. It's perfect for artists hoping to explore a unique creative tool.

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Safe art supplies for adults and children, age 4 & up.

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