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Double Doodlers Dual-Ended Marker Set

Item Number: 5883100002


Give yourself double the variety in a single marker with Crayola Double Doodlers. These Double Ended Markers have a broad line tip with a dark color on one end and a chisel tip with a light color on the other end. What does this mean for you? How about more ways to color and detail your works of art, and double the colors, too! These Washable Markers are easily washable from skin and most washable clothing.

  • Recommended
    for ages 3 years and up


CRAYOLA DUAL ENDED MARKERS: Includes 10 Crayola Markers with 2 bold colors per Marker. That’s a total of 20 colors!

COMPLEMENTARY COLORS: Each Crayola Marker features a different color theme with a dark and light shade of the color on either end.

WASHABLE MARKERS: These Broad Line Markers are washable from skin and most washable clothing.

GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Double Ended Markers take up less space than regular markers and provide twice the amount of color options!

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Crayola Washable Markers make a great gift for kids ages 3 & up.

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