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Crayola Drawing Chalk, Classroom Supplies, 144 Count, 24 colors, 6 sticks each

Item Number: 5104002002


Crayola Colored Drawing Chalk in the 144 count contains 6 each of 24 assorted colors. Drawing Chalk produces strong, brilliant colors for artwork on paper and surfaces other than chalkboards, such as construction paper, cardboard, paper bags, and craft paper. It can be blended directly by applying one color over another or by rubbing with fingers, and is a great craft supply in classrooms and craft rooms. Colors include black, dark brown, orange, turquoise blue, blue, dark green, peach, violet, blue green, gray, pink, white, blue violet, green, red, yellow, brown, light blue, red orange, yellow green, dark blue, magenta, red violet, yellow orange. Each chalk stick is 3-1/8" long by 3/8" in diameter.

  • Recommended
    for ages 3 years and up


DRAWING CHALK: Ideal for indoor crafts on cardboard, construction paper, paper bags, and craft paper. Drawing Chalk is not designed for chalkboards.

BULK CHALK: This large count of chalk is ideal for group projects in classrooms and craft rooms.

SMOOTH LAYDOWN: Kids will love how smoothly these chalk sticks glide onto paper and other surfaces.

CRAYOLA COLORS: Includes 6 sticks each in 24 intense colors which are easily blended by rubbing with fingers or by layering one over another to create interesting shades and textures.

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