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Artist Series Volume 1 Coloring Book

Item Number: 0407290000


Immerse yourself in the intricate designs of four accomplished artists with the Crayola Artist Series Coloring Book. This edition presents 40 sophisticated coloring pages for grown-ups, offering 10 perforated 8"x10" pages from each artist, including the works of Alja Horvat, Cat COQ, Mia Charro, and Tania Garcia. Embark on a journey to discover this eclectic ensemble of fervent artists, each presenting a distinct vision that will stir your creativity. Alja’s creations are infused with the vibrant patterns and styles of the 60s and 70s, while Cat’s art is a call to explore and embrace the wilderness. Delve deeper into the lives and muses of these artists with dedicated biography and inspiration pages designed to nurture your artistic development. This adult coloring book would make a great gift idea, pair it with colored pencils (sold separately) so artists can get started creating right away!


40 ILLUSTRATED PAGES: This collection includes 10 perforated 8"x10" pages from each featured artist, along with a single page dedicated to their biographies and sources of inspiration. The artists showcased in the first volume include Alja Horvat, Cat COQ, Mia Charro, and Tania Garcia.

VOLUME 1 OF THE ARTISTS SERIES: Highlights four talented women from diverse global backgrounds, each bringing their own inspiring artistic perspectives that will invigorate your coloring endeavors.

EXPLORE ARTIST BACKGROUNDS & INSPIRATIONS: Uncover the stories behind each artist and ignite your imagination with new patterns, colors, and designs.

COMPATIBLE WITH COLORED PENCILS: Dive into coloring immediately using the colored pencils you already own, or enhance your coloring journey with a brand-new set of instruments (available separately).

ADULT COLORING GIFT: Makes an excellent choice for those who cherish art and delight in the world of coloring.

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