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Ultra-Clean Washable Markers for Kids, 192 Count, 8 Colors

Item Number: 5882080005


Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers provide superior washability, with brilliant, lasting colors that offer full coverage. Our Ultra-Clean formula, washes clean from most washable clothing, painted walls, and skin. Get prepared for your next creative project with 192 Kids' Ultra-Clean Washable Markers in 8 popular colors including black, orange, blue, red, green, brown, violet and yellow. Creativity has no bounds when colors stay where you want them and wash away from the rest. Let your little ones fill their coloring books with confidence, and rest easy that your home and their skin will remain safe from unexpected coloring mistakes.

  • Recommended
    for ages 3 years and up


BULK MARKER SET: Get ready for a creative school year with this pack of 192 Broad Line Markers in 8 Classic Colors.

ULTRA-CLEAN WASHABLE MARKERS: Washes easily from skin, most washable clothing, and most painted walls.

CRAYOLA COLORS: Red, Green, Black, Brown, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Orange.

BROAD LINE MARKERS: With 8 assorted colors, Crayola Fine Broad Markers are ideal for any project. The vibrant colors will not bleed through paper, making them ideal markers for kids. Count on Crayola markers for the ultimate in color, laydown & versatility.

CLASSPACK SUPPLIES: Crayola Classpack assortments make it economical and convenient to provide students with the art tools they need.

ORGANIZED STORAGE: The reusable storage box keeps markers organized by color, and makes it easy to store them when not in use.

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