Star Wars fans, what could be better than fusing the Force with some colorful creativity? Crayola has teamed up with Disney’s Star Wars to bring you the ultimate crayons, tins and toys that do just that. These award-winning arts and crafts products are the perfect addition to any Star Wars or Crayola collection. Check out the 64 count crayon boxes, which also include a special label on each crayon ‒ Star Wars themed, of course! In addition to crayons, we’ve created collectable tins with sleek graphics, such as Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers. The tins are designed with a flip top lid, making them fully functional. All crayon boxes have a built-in sharpener to ensure your tools are ready for use! These themed sets make perfect gifts for kids who love arts and crafts. Just be sure to get them while they last, as these items are limited edition!