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5 lb Air Dry Clay Resealable Bucket - Terra Cotta

Item Number: 5720040001


Crayola Air Dry Clay allows your little ones to create fun and imaginative shapes with ease. This soft modeling material can either be reused or air dried to preserve your creation. No baking is ever required. Smoother, finer, and less sticky than traditional clay, this Crayola modeling clay is perfect for group activities. You can even soften the clay with water if needed, allowing kids to enjoy hours of fun making and re-making favorite creations. Once your child is finished creating, the air dried clay is great for painting. This product is designed for children ages 4 and older.

  • Recommended
    for ages 4 years and up


EASY TO MOLD, EASY TO CLEAN: Resealable plastic bucket of Air Dry Clay. This fine, natural white earth clay dries to a hard solid. Easy to use with traditional modeling techniques. It’s also a snap to clean up.

AT HOME CRAFTS & INDOOR ACTIVITIES: Simple and fun crafts for kids are a great way to stay thoughtfully engaged and entertained.

IMPROVING ON TRADITION: Crayola Air-Dry Clay is smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay, and it needs no oven or kiln!

TACTILE ART: Let your little artist express themselves through sculpting, molding and modeling. Kids love the 3D nature of clay & dough. Our Air-Dry Clay hardens on its own, and our Modeling Clay can be sculpted, squished, and reused without drying out.

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Ideal for adults and kids, age 4 & up.

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