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My First Crayola Palm Grip Egg Crayons

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Warehouse Sale BOGO 60%

Special Offer Warehouse Sale BOGO 60% Details

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My First Crayola Palm-Grip Crayons are designed specifically for the grip and control of toddler hands. While normal crayons may be hard to hold with small fingers, these egg-shaped crayons are instinctive for kids to play with and comfortable to use, allowing little hands a grip that gives them full control while drawing.

No-Fuss Creativity Tools

My First Crayola Palm-Grip Crayons don't have paper to tear or points to sharpen. They can be drawn with at any angle, and they are too solid to snap or break in normal use. Their size also makes them easy to find and organize in a drawer or box of art supplies.

Six Colors Bring Drawings to Life

With the blue, red, orange, purple, green, or yellow crayons included in this pack, kids can fill pages with a variety of bold colors. This range of colors keeps kids entertained and engaged while they doodle and try out new artistic ideas.

Developing Skills Through Play

My First Crayola Palm-Grip Crayons provide the opportunity for kids to enhance and develop their skills through creativity. The physical aspect of drawing helps children improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while drawing freely sparks imagination and idea creation.

Whimsical Design That Kids Enjoy

An exciting shape, feel, and size make these egg-shaped crayons stand out in a lineup of conventional crayons and pencils. Kids will reach for these crayons simply for their unique and fun design.

Package Contents

6 palm-grip crayons.