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Modeling Clay - Natural Colors

Item Number: 5704000002


Shape and Sculpt Again and Again. Young modelers have everything they need to mold soft sculptures with Crayola Modeling Clay Naturals. This versatile, non-hardening clay stays soft even after you've molded it, so you can use it multiple times. The clay can also resist water thanks to its wax and oil-based formula, further lengthening its lifespan.

  • Recommended
    for ages 4 years and up


EASY MOLDING AND SCULPTING: Tactile, easy to work with, and soft to the touch, Crayola Modeling Clay is designed especially for kids' hands. The clay makes an ideal first sculpting compound and can help children develop an early sense of form and finesse.

CREATIVE PLAY WITH FOUR EARTH-INSPIRED COLORS: This set contains four different colors of modeling clay: white, black, orange, and light brown. These bold colors are perfect for sculpting human figures, landscapes, animals, and virtually anything else your child can imagine.

PLENTY OF BUILDING MATERIAL: With one pound of clay in total, this set of modeling clay offers enough materials for small and large projects alike. Combine it with other sets to expand your color options.

NONTOXIC AND WORRY-FREE: Completely nontoxic, the clay is safe and suitable for young children ages 36 months and up. The clay is also designed to scrape easily off most surfaces, making cleanup a breeze.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Four 4-ounce packs of Crayola Modeling Clay Naturals in white, black, orange, and light brown.

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