It’s time for our dear pal Dandelion to retire from our crayon boxes, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still full of love for the sunny yellow color! We’ve created a collection that really highlights Dandelion’s bright hue so you can snag your mementos before it fades away. Want something unique, sure to bring a laugh, and last years to come? Check out the 2-pound Dandelion mega crayon! We also have a range of crayon boxes, all the way up to the super 120 count, which still house our beloved Dandelion yellow. If you prefer something a bit more permanent (crayons are meant to be used after all!), then check out our Dandelion yellow plush toys and tees. With the wide assortment of souvenirs available, this parting doesn’t have to full of sorrow. After all, Dandelion is way too bright for anything but good cheer!

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 Results