Exclusive Crayola bundles and kits are a gateway to endless artistic play and fun for kids of all ages. For the littlest ones, check out our Ages 4-6 Play Bundle, which includes creative tools for hours of entertainment. We never underestimate the giggles that accompany a simple bottle of bubbles! Our spin on this classic is that our bubbles are colored ‒ don’t worry, parents, they’re completely stain-free! Our Model Magic bundles are a fantastic way to spend a rainy day indoors. Appropriate for ages three and up, these art sets are something the whole family can enjoy together. For parents and adults, we designed Color Escape brand coloring kits, perfect for grown-ups. You can color alongside your little one with your very own sophisticated coloring pages (or wait until they’re tucked in bed – we won’t tell!) Scroll through our exclusive bundles below to find something for everyone.