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Cosmic Crayons, 24 Count

Item Number: 5234470003


Experience crayons that are out of this world! Inspired by the mysteries of the solar system, Crayola Cosmic Crayons are a 24 count crayon box featuring 12 pearl crayons and 12 glitter/pearl mashup crayons. Kids will love using these shiny, sparkly colors to work on a solar system project for science class, to brighten up homemade cards, and add glittery fun to their coloring and activity books. Safe and nontoxic, these specialty crayons are double-wrapped, so they stand up to repeated use—and kids who are super excited about bringing the wonders of the universe to life! Perfect for kids ages 4 and up.

Print our free Cosmic Crayon Coloring Chart and create your own color swatch sheet.


CRAYOLA CRAYON SET: Features 12 Pearl Crayons and 12 Pearl & Glitter Mash Up Crayons.

DOUBLE WRAPPED & DURABLE: These are double wrapped for extra strength.

COLORING BOOKS & ART PROJECTS: These coloring supplies are great for arts and crafts or other creative fun!

CLASSROOM SUPPLIES: Stock up classrooms and craft rooms with a greater variety of coloring supplies for school projects, crafts, and more!

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Colorful Crayons for ages 4 & up.

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