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Construction Paper Shapes, 48 ct

Item Number: 9900360001


Shapes are one of the simplest ways for kids to create their first works of art, and with precut shapes you can cut scissors out of the equation. This set of 48 micro-perforated sheets of paper, comes in assorted colors. These vibrant shades are just the inspiration kids need to craft fierce dragons, friendly dogs, spooky mansions, or whatever else their powerful imaginations can cook up.



CRAYOLA CONSTRUCTION PAPER: Contains 48 9” x 12” construction paper sheets with over 900 precut paper shapes, such as hearts, stars, and diamonds.

COLORED PAPER: 8 sheets each of 6 assorted colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet.

CUT OUT SHAPES: Perforated paper allows kids to easily punch out the construction paper cutouts.

ART & SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Paper shapes are a great way of teaching kids simple geometry.

KIDS PAPER CRAFTS: Kids can create construction paper art without scissors, using shapes to build animals, houses, people, and anything else their imagination desires.

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