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Triangular Crayons Classpack, 256 Count, 16 Colors

Item Number: 528039A000


There's more than enough Crayola Crayons for the whole classroom to share with this 256 count Bulk Crayon set from Crayola. This collection includes triangular crayons in classic and popular colors that are perfect for a variety of craft projects. Triangle crayons are great for little hands and feature an anti-roll shape that keeps them securely within reach. Each Crayola Crayon is double wrapped for long-lasting durability, and with 16 crayons in each color, this box will last through DIY crafts, art projects, and homework assignments throughout the year.


CRAYOLA CLASSPACK CRAYONS: Features 256 Triangular Crayola Crayons in 16 assorted colors.

TRIANGLE CRAYONS: Triangular crayons offer an easy-grip shape and promote a proper writing grip!

ORGANIZED STORAGE: Crayons are separated into individual sections by color in the organized storage box.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Crayola Crayons in bulk are great for teachers as classroom supplies.

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Ideal for kids, ages 5 & up

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