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Oil Pastel Classpack, 300 Count, 12 Colors

Item Number: 5236300001


Let students express their creativity with this Crayola Classpack of Water Soluble Oil Pastels. Each student can become an oil pastel artist, blending the 12 assorted colors dry or adding water for beautiful watercolor effects. These art supplies are perfect for teachers who want their entire classroom to participate in an interactive lesson. Plus, the cylindrical shape and tapered point of the pastel crayons allow for easy handling and detailed drawing.


OIL PASTELS: Features 300 Water Soluble Oil Pastels in 12 assorted colors, perfect for teachers as classroom supplies.

CRAYOLA COLORS: 25 Cylindrical Oil Crayons in each color, including White, Yellow, Red-Orange, Red, Pink, Rust, Violet, True Blue, Blue, Yellow-Green, Green, and Black.

VERSATILE ART SUPPLIES: These art supplies can be used wet or dry, allowing them to act as watercolor crayons and or pastels for blending.

ORGANIZED STORAGE: Crayola Oil Pastels are separated into individual sections by color in the organized storage box.

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Ideal for kids, ages 5 & up.

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