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Art with Edge, Optical Illusions Coloring Pages, Volume 2

Item Number: 040116A001


Engage your creative and artistic sides with Crayola Art with Edge Optical Illusions coloring pages. Every page of this set features a mind-bending abstract design waiting to be brought to vibrant, colorful life through your creativity and imagination. Designed to be creatively stimulating for adults and kids alike, these forty pages of black-and-white line art help you tune out distractions and spend time focusing on being artistically engaged. The tricky designs truly pop when you add color, allowing you to produce unexpected results and entrancing works of art.


BLACK & WHITE LINE ART: Each of the forty pages in this book offers a different black-and-white optical illusion design for you to color and create your way.

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS: 40 pages of optical illusion images that are made to be as engaging and exciting for adults as they are for children. Artists and creators of all ages will connect with these designs and enjoy this creative activity.

SHOWCASE YOUR ARTWORK: Each page is 8 by 10 inches and printed on premium paper which can be taken out of the book and posted on a refrigerator, locker, or wall for display.

CONTENTS: 40 premium coloring pages, 8.5" by 10" (W x L).

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